In Search of University Excellence: Perspectives from Russia and Emerging Countries.

Speaker’s Benefits

What does speaking at a QS Asia event bring you?

1Great PR opportunity for your institution and yourself

By speaking at QS Asia events you project your universitys brand to the global higher education arena, being regarded as a representative of a progressive, dynamic and internationalising institution.

2Contribution to global/regional higher education.

QS Asia conferences and seminars are a way for universities and others involved in higher education to come together and find solutions to common challenges. Speakers have a critical role in the networking and exchange of ideas at QS Asia events.

3Forming partnerships

Speakers at QS Asia events gain personal connections – emails, names, handshakes, friendships – with well-connected, senior academics as well as potential clients. They also meet old friends and revive long-forgotten relations.

4Benefiting from a huge brainstorming session

By speaking at QS Asia events speakers put their opinion out there and get the audience to think about what they could/should be doing as compared to what they are actually doing; or perhaps challenge the speakers opinion about what should/could be done.

5Enjoying the perks that come with speaking

Speakers at QS Asia events enjoy a subsidised presenter rate or even a complimentary attendance pass – quite a good incentive to prepare and deliver a presentation on a topic they already know!