In Search of University Excellence: Perspectives from Russia and Emerging Countries.

About Project 5-100

The Russian Academic Excellence Project (Project 5-100) was launched by Presidential Decree of the Russian Federation No. 599 of May 7, 2012 “On measures to realize state policy in the sphere of education and science”.

Project 5-100 is a government-run Russian Academic Excellence initiative. The aim of Project 5-100 is to strengthen Russia’s position as an outstanding place for education and research and further improve its international competitiveness.

In order to improve the quality of higher education and the international reputation of universities, similar academic excellence initiatives have already been or are in the process of being implemented by governments in many countries, including China, Germany, France and Japan. In this sense, Project 5-100 is part of a global practice.

This eight-year Project is aimed at developing and boosting the research capacity of Russian universities and enhancing their competitive standing among the leading global research and education centers. It is designed to ensure and promote the development of Russian leading universities by strengthening their education and research, as well as increasing internationalization, enhancing university profiles, and facilitating cooperation. It is about universal access to high-quality education in Russia, its global character, inclusiveness and cultural diversity.

Project 5-100 implementation will enable us to move forward in terms of effectively addressing the modernization of higher education, promoting innovations and R&D, as well as taking on the major challenges and streamlining the progress, promotion, replication and scaling up effects of the Project and best practices in the entire system of higher education in Russia.

The launch of Project 5-100 marked a decisive new step in the modernization process of Russian higher education. The initiatives of setting up federal universities and national research universities proceed Project 5-100.