In Search of University Excellence: Perspectives from Russia and Emerging Countries.

Parallel Sessions

In Search of University Excellence: Perspectives from Russia and Emerging Countries.

Tracks and Topics

Track 1: Strategies for University Excellence: Rankings and Beyond

The presentations in this track address strategies to improve universities' performance in areas which are included in the QS (and other) university rankings such as research, faculty quality, faculty diversity, student diversity, academic reputation and employer reputation. However broader strategies for university excellence, including but not limited to areas such as teaching and learning, social engagement or innovation & entrepreneurship, are also warmly welcomed.

Track 2: Building a Global University Brand

Universities often struggle to tell their story, especially to a global audience which has a different set of expectations and preconceptions compared to their domestic audience. Presenting a university's story in a compelling way (the essence of good branding) can take many forms, and is often multi-channel, i.e. it includes engagement through social media, personal experiences as well as more traditional marketing and PR activities. This track aims to bring together experiences and best practices from around the world.

Track 3: Cross-Border Academic Collaboration and Faculty Internationalization

Internationalization, especially through academic collaboration and faculty internationalization, is always multidimensional in that it involves everything from policy to personal contacts. Successful internationalization projects often require interactions with internal as well as external stakeholders, and while every internationalization project is different, many problems (and their solutions) are common across the world. This track encourages presenters to share their successes and challenges in international collaboration and faculty internationalization.

Submissions by non-academic institutions

Kindly note that there has been a revision in our submission policies and we will only be accepting proposals from non- academic institutions, who are track sponsors.

If a non- academic institution would like to present a paper at our conferences, they may do so through sponsorship of a whole session (3 presentation slots) at our conferences.

In this instance, if you would like to present a paper under Track 4, you may wish to consider a sponsorship for a session under Track 4 only.

Multiple submissions by academic institutions

All proposers of the said event are to abide to the following

  • Each approved presenter will only be scheduled to a single presentation slot in the program
  • Each institution is allowed up to three approved presentation slots, of which are to contain three different presenters.

The above policy has been put in place to ensure the delivery of a varied informative and well-tailored presentations by diverse prominent presenters of the global higher education sector.

Thank you for your interest, proposal submission is now closed for QS WORLDWIDE 2018