In Search of University Excellence: Perspectives from Russia and Emerging Countries.

Conference at A Glance


  • To provide a forum that promotes the development of higher education in Russia and Central Asia through international partnerships
  • To support the processes that lead to greater worldwide recognition of universities in Russia and Central Asia


Universities in Russia has been working towards the modernisation of the country’s higher education system to achieve ‘world-class’ university ranking status. All these are carried out as part of the nation’s economic development measures. The Russian government has proposed a plan for 150 top Russian universities to become leaders in their respective fields of science and technology. Universities are also encouraged by President Vladimir Putin to push for the internationalisation of Russian higher education.

At the 2017 plenary meeting of the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, Putin shared “[…] These days, breakthrough innovative technology is often developed by […] so-called start-ups. As a rule, this technology is created by teams of young researchers. […] We intend to begin creating innovative research and technology centres at our leading schools of higher learning. Education, research and high-tech and venture companies will be concentrated here in one place. All of them will beclosely integrated with each other”.

Across the world, aspiring universities alike are expected to follow-suit, aiming to generate more sustainable partnerships and enhance the branding of universities through various channels. This conference is a unique opportunity for educators and institutions that are keen in pioneering global higher education trends through timely and effectively collaboration in reaching out to deliver on the promise of the many opportunities that are coming to light in Eurasia and the emerging countries today.

22–23 May 2018

RUDN University
Moscow, Russia

RUDN University

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The exciting line-up of activities at 2nd QS WORLDWIDE includes:

  • Parallel sessions – featuring general and specific aspects of international higher education
  • Plenary sessions – with keynote addresses by leading authorities on higher education
  • Exhibition – leading universities and other higher education institutions from around the world showcasing their institutions and programmes
  • Vibrant social programme – comprising ice-breaking reception, conference dinner and closing lunch during the three conference days, for more relaxed networking

Early-bird offer ends 28 February 2018

Online registration closes 15 May 2018

Conference build-up 21 May 2018

Conference & exhibition opening 22 May 2018

* The dates above are tentative and may be subjected to changes.