In Search of University Excellence: Perspectives from Russia and Emerging Countries.
The Road to University Excellence – QS WORLDWIDE

QS WORLDWIDE brings together international educators, senior academic administrators and government officials from across Russia and beyond. The mission of QS WORLDWIDE is “To provide a forum that promotes the advancement of higher education in Russia and the emerging countries through international partnerships” and “To support the processes that lead to greater worldwide recognition of universities in Russia and the emerging countries”. QS WORLDWIDE offers delegates the opportunity to network, exchange best practice and better understand the rapidly changing face of higher education in Eurasia – a diverse region with a rich scientific and academic tradition that is undergoing swift transformation. It also a platform that allows educators from emerging countries to learn how universities worldwide have been adapting to globalisation and take advantage of their knowledge base and management practices.

As a community of practice linking Russia and the emerging countries’ higher education to the world, the conference moves to different geographical locations within Eurasia. Having first been organised in Nizhny Novgorod, this year the conference will be held in the Russian capital Moscow, in partnership with RUDN University.